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The New standard of Dynamic Image communication

Successful real estate agencies on the French Riviera always value quality housing virtual tours and professional photography, that show properties in their portfolio in the best possible light. Recent research indicates that when visiting real estate websites, home buyers spend around 60% of their time on images. Quality photos are important because they have the potential to make clients instantly “fall in love” with a property.

Quality housing virtual tours, on the other hand, are highly important because they give clients a more complete perspective on the property. Arousing clients’ curiousity, good real estate virtual tours determine them to act and contact the broker for a real visit or send the deposit without having to physically visit the property. This is an extremely successful strategy for holiday rental market.

Video and virtual tours production by 3mille
The classic 360 virtual tour for real estate implies a spinning wide angle camera placed in the middle of a room; the camera will continuously take pictures that will eventually be stitched together. It is a less expensive and less complex way of creating a virtual visit, but it does not really offer the best possible viewing experience.

Although 360 virtual tours are still popular, “full motion video tours” are superior, more effective visual projects for real estate agencies. Full motion videos offer a perfect viewing experience, are more realistic and more likely to function as action triggers.

The video production company on the French Riviera
At 3mille, the photo and video production company located in the French Riviera, we create lifestyle photography projects, video and virtual tours for real estate, hotels and yachting. Our years of experience in these lines of business have taught us that high standard equipment (and we do own quite a lot of that) is never enough. For truly valuable visual products, you need passion and patience. And we do own quite a lot of that, too.

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