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Quality Images Attract Quality Clients

Experience matters. Since 2009, we have offered our professional photography services to premium real estate agencies on the French Riviera. Having successfully dealt with professional brokers, exclusive property owners and their clients, we now possess not only a great deal of expertise in architecture and photography in the French Riviera, but also an in-depth knowledge of the very specific sector of luxury real estate.

Real estate photography in the French Riviera (St. Tropez Cannes Nice Monaco): the visual promise of a dream life

Recent research has shown exceptional imagery really do help sell real estate. And that happens when real estate photography goes beyond conventional wide angle HDR and does more than just presenting high-end properties in the best possible light. Effective real estate photography creates desire and aspiration. For our real estate photography projects, we use the objects inside the rooms to create ambience and, more importantly, stories.

Our high fidelity, quality visuals build up into a photographic narrative, around a chosen „hero” image, and offer the real estate client a compelling and seductive story. The images we create present your clientèle with the visual promise of a beautiful life, within one’s grasp.

At 3mille we are perfectionists. We have generously invested in top of the range professional photo and video equipment: we own 3 cameras with over 38M Pixels resolution, 2 medium format digital PhaseOne cameras (a must have for any architecture related project), as well as 2 pro grade drones for high quality aerial photography and video production.

Contact us whenever you need a real estate photographer in Nice, Cannes, St Tropez or anywhere in the French Riviera.