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New Perspectives come with Altitude and a professional photographer

Aerial photography has been proven to have tremendous impact when used in:

Real estate: aerial photography gives potential customers a full perspective on the property, and the chance to examine the estate, its dimensions and its relation to the environment.
Hospitality advertising: when viewing the hotel from above, potential clients get the general feel of it: the elegance of the building, the terraces and the view, but also parking lots, natural surroundings, neighbourhoods, everything is there, at a single glance. Comprehensive aerial visuals also help event planners in their decision making process.
Yachting advertising: the image of the boat in motion, seen from a slightly elevated position, conveys a unique sense of adventure and freedom.
Aerials can be taken either by means of a helicopter or a commercial drone. There are at least four reasons why remote controlled drones are by far a better choice:

The price: aerial visuals taken by means of a drone are less expensive.
Closer range: drones can come closer to the object (be it a building or a yacht) and allow a more precise composition.
No disruption: drones do not disturb the neighbours the way a helicopter does.
Flexibility: it is obviously easier to cancel or postpone when the shoot can’t take place because of the weather.
Aerial photography in the South of France
Showing your clients “the big picture” sometimes makes the critical difference. Aerials have an intense persuasive potential and are powerful when used in brochures and on websites.

At 3mille, we own and operate professional medium format photo equipment and two latest generation drones certified by the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile). But what really sets 3mille apart from its competitors is our 25 years of experience in the field of professional architecture photography and videography. We use our drones as giant tripods and we understand this particular kind of photo and video production mainly as an artistic endeavour.

Contact us whenever you need professional aerial photography in the South of France, in Cannes, Nice or anywhere on the French Riviera.