Online PR – pervasive visibility for your premium brand

Why should every business that markets high-end goods and services use online PR?

Because it needs to reach and engage High, Very High and Ultra High Net Worth clients, and recent studies have shown that the latter are very active on social media, and communicate and transact online much more than before. Web PR specialists identify the most relevant online publications for super affluent clients to place the news, advertorials and quality materials related to your business activity and created in accordance with both content and SEO strategy.

Because prestige is mainly a question of smart associations, the frequency of your premium brand's presence in prestigious publications keeps its reputation on track. Because Web PR is a very powerful and efficient tool that allows not just large corporations, but also medium size businesses, companies and agencies to distribute their news in relevant publications, all over the Internet.

As an ineluctable part of any premium brand's communication strategy, Web PR should imply:

  • great insights on the High Net Worth audience, based on experience and recent data regarding where they spend their time online, what they like to read and watch, their interests and preferences trends
  • the identification of and the getting access to relevant online publications
  • the distribution of quality materials, created according to a well established content strategy
  • the understanding and usage of the SEO strategy

3mille - web PR and content marketing French agency

3mille's Web PR specialists know how to reach and move the discerning clients of luxury brands, both on a local and global scale.

Because we provide multilingual communication and Web PR services to renowned luxury real estate agencies in the South of France, in Cannes and in Nice, we know their clients' behaviour and preferences.

In the press releases, advertorials, articles and white papers we create, the accent falls on quality and consistency first, and then on the keywords and phrases at the core of your Search Engine Optimisation strategy.

When you need a media and content marketing French agency for your premium brand communication, contact us.

We place quality content in relevant online publications.

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