Social media marketing strategies for real estate and hotels – your business needs it

Social networks for real estate agencies and hotels

At 3Mille, the advertising agency in Nice, we can help plan and implement your social media marketing strategy.

Why? Because through social media networks, your brand gets attention and your site gets traffic. Because the efficiency of any marketing effort nowadays links directly to the quality of the social media marketing strategy.

Strategically communicating through social media networks helps build brand identity and eventually convert more leads. And because through an intelligent social media strategy you get to reach and engage your target audience, potential business partners included.

3mille - the one-stop communication agency on the French Riviera

Our services include:

  • Competitive Social Media Audit: we analyse your presence online and determine your business’ position.
  • Full Social Media Strategy: we assess your needs, set measurable goals, outline opportunities and recommend specific actions for long-term social media success.
  • Social Networks for real estate and hotels - Set-up and Management: we identify the social networks that best suit your business, then help create and manage your profiles to engage potential clients and partners. Our social media marketing specialists are constantly keeping up to date on newest techniques in this rapidly changing industry.
  • Content Strategy & Copywriting services: good, original content is always the key to a winning social media strategy. We can develop a content strategy, aiming to maximize the impact of your message and to determine your audience to share it on their social networks.

At 3mille, we are experienced in advertising for real estate companies and hotels on the Rrench Riviera.

If you are looking for a reliable communication agency to handle online marketing campaigns for your premium business, contact us.

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