Custom real estate CRM and CMS tailored for your business

The 3mille custom real estate CRM and CMS platforms are part of our full-custom real estate website development solutions.

Each performing real estate business is unique. 3mille custom CRM is crafted following your needs, whilst ensuring optimal user experience and SEO performance. The applications created by our professionals are efficient and intuitive tools that help you take control of your website and add value to your listings.

Why custom real estate CRM and CMS can help your business

No business relies so much on consistent data as real estate. Moreover, each company has specific requirements and challenges.

A customised Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, complemented by an efficient Content Management System (CMS) can transform your business and increase your sales.

Designed to assist you in managing your business, the 3mille custom-made programs support each other and help you:

  • measure your clients’ feedback;
  • engage your potential customers in personalized and interactive relationships;
  • access your documents, manage large quantity of content, and work with your team at any time and from anywhere in the world.

    In addition, our real estate CRM development and hosting solutions ensure that your platform integrates well with other applications and runs smoothly on our servers, thus helping your website have the results you aim for.

    Software solutions combining technology and sales

    At 3mille, we put all our expertise into providing software combining sales and technology, focusing on real estate CRM development and CMS solutions.

    Based in Nice, in the South of France, 3mille has extensive experience in providing full-custom web solutions for leading luxury agencies from the French Riviera. 

    Contact us to find out which are the best choices for your CRM and CMS platforms.

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