Real estate marketing strategies

For real estate agencies looking to increase online exposure, reach the targeted audience more efficiently, pass the right message and ultimately convert more leads, 3mille develops customised luxury real estate marketing strategies, both on a local and on a global scale.

Communicating a brand is a challenging and exciting process. The marketing strategies we build and implement are based upon:

  • Audience analysis: the behaviour patterns and preferences of your target.
  • Competition analysis: we study your competitors and the ways they communicate
  • Local market analysis: we analyse the characteristics of the local market, to understand what might be most interesting for global audiences
  • Internal audit: we try to understand the inner dynamics of your real estate agency, for strategies that are both efficient and adapted to your company's profile

Real estate advertising strategies

We are based in Nice, on the French Riviera, but we work with agencies all over the world. Over time, we have developed luxury real estate advertising strategies meant to attract and engage super affluent international clientèle.

Our experience allows us to efficiently blend images, words, technology and design, to create the user experiences your clients expect.

We strategically use:

  • Words to emphasise value. Whether in the form of a USP, slogans, product descriptions, articles, press releases, advertorials, brochure texts, we use words to stress upon quality, status and difference.
  • Images to create aspiration and desire: the aerials, photographs, video tours, 3D renderings are flawless and highly engaging
  • Technology to organise and manage content: the customised realty CRM platforms we develop allow a more efficient and effective management of your website's content
  • Design for usability, visual coherence and consistency: the websites and print advertising materials we create reflect and integrate within the global strategy, offering your clients the premium experience promised by your brand.

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