World-class photography for hotels

3mille provides professional photography projects to show your hotel and the services you offer at their very best.

A blend of glamour and architectural interior images, coupled with food photography, interior photography, and lifestyle shots, hotel photography demands excellent skills and expertise.

In hotel photography, discretion meets perfection

A hotel photographer needs to be both an artist and an experienced promoter, who knows how to use lights and shadows to recreate the sophisticated and intimate ambiance your hotel offers to its clients.

One other important aspect of the hotel photographer is his knowledge of the inside works and language of hotellerie world. Laurent St Jean has 15 years of experience dealing with this industry. That's how he manages to achieve complete reportages in record times, carefully manouvering around hotel busy, often imprevisible and complex schedule.

However, knowing the rules of interior photography, as well as mastering all the other skills and techniques required to deliver world-class images, is only part of a good hotel photographer’s job.

Often shooting near on-season, having to cope with clients enjoying their time in the rooms, relaxing by the pool or in the hotel restaurant, a professional photographer knows how to shoot perfect photos without disturbing them at all and without interrupting the ongoing work of the staff.

In all our hospitality photography projects, we have two golden rules:

  • always plan ahead, for a good management of logistics, and
  • never intrude upon clients or staff.

Photographic services for hotels in the South of France

Based in Nice, we provide our full-custom image and communication services throughout the South of France and the French Riviera.

Because at 3mille we put your business’s priorities first, we know hospitality is an industry that relies most of all on creating a special atmosphere for your clients. We convey it in our images, and we respect it during our photo sessions.

Our photographs are often used in brochures, marketing materials and websites, and it is no coincidence that first class brands develop their advertising campaigns around our images.

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