Hospitality video: a preview of heaven

Hospitality videos are not just about recreating, as accurately as possible, the overall image and ambiance of a luxury hotel, but mainly about capturing the spirit, the essence, the character of a place.

A great promotional hospitality video shows your audience you are not simply offering a bed, a meal and a swimming pool, but a sophisticated, exceptional experience.

This is what a hospitality video can do for your business :

  • Increases the number of bookings: 85% of the clients with access to a promotional film are more inclined to book.
  • Makes the promised experience more tangible: hotel marketing videos have a great emotional impact on customers and are highly engaging.
  • Attracts: online users are drawn by short presentation films. Videos help increasing website traffic, as after viewing them, users are intrigued and curious to discover your website.
  • Builds trust: seeing is believing; promotional videos have an extraordinary persuasive potential.
  • Helps your business stand out from the competition.

Hotel video production in the South of France

3mille offers hotel video production services in Nice, Cannes and everywhere on the French Riviera.

We have learnt to combine still and video shooting inside the same reportage, thus producing videos at the best rates and turnaround time.

Contact us when you need hotel video production services: we create promotional films that tell compelling and seducing stories and we see that the videos harmoniously match your overall hotel advertising campaign.

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