Professional food photographer for Cannes, Nice, Monaco luxury restaurants

First-class restaurants in Cannes, Nice or Monaco need professional food photographers to create state-of-the-art visuals that match the quality of their products and services.

Whether in need of an online or print campaign, the quality and artistic value of the photographs is crucial. Great professional food photographs not only create desire, but are displays of good taste and refinement.

We invite deluxe restaurants management staff and owners to browse our projects and contact us when looking for a professional food photographer, anywhere on the Cote d'Azur.

Food photography as part of hotel advertising campaigns

In first-class hotels advertising brochures and web sites, there are four types of essential images: those showing the facade of the building, those displaying the rooms, those presenting the perfection of the gourmet food served at the hotel's restaurant and those presenting a lifestyle with people enjoying a great experience. 

When it comes to food photography for hotel website and brochures, we usually opt for the lifestyle approach. We believe that besides emphasising the beauty of the dish, its unique colours, textures and artful composition, this approach best succeeds in being seductive, as it integrates the food with the overall sophisticated ambience.

3mille is the image and communication agency in Nice, specialising in visual and online campaigns for the luxury sector. Contact us when you need a professional food photographer in Cannes, Nice, Monaco, or anywhere on the French Riviera.

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