Mastering the content of real estate websites, in order to maintain it interesting for visitors and also support the SEO strategy, can sometimes be challenging.

Compared to general real estate website, luxury real estate websites have a few important advantages:

  • they have fewer listings
  • and consequently more control over what is being published and the ways the products are marketed
  • allow more interesting angles for writing content.

With so many things that can be done content wise, why not take advantage of the opportunity?

Write original realty descriptions

At the core of any real estate website lie its main assets: the properties. Properties pages are very important to visitors, but they can also have a great contribution to search engine rankings.
Conventionally, the content of these pages is written by owners or brokers.  However, there is a third solution: having a specialized copywriter. A professional that both masters the art of writing and has a thorough knowledge of the real estate industry, will be able to write beautiful and compelling property descriptions.

Let your real estate SEO strategy drive the creation of product descriptions

When preparing the content, never forget the texts can fulfill another important task: help the website achieve better rankings. The writer should always be aware of the semantic strategy designed for the website. A good real estate copywriter will ensure your texts have a maximum impact on user engagement and, at the same time, on search engine rankings.

Maybe product pages are not among your strategic SEO pages. Especially since real estate product pages have a short life. But using the right keywords on properties descriptions will contribute to the overall rankings of the website.

Keep yourself away from spammy tactics

Using to many keywords, too often or unnaturally can ruin the user experience and negatively impact the rankings. The best way to avoid falling into the trap of spam texts is to concentrate on what makes each property unique. Individualize general keywords by concentrating on the unique characteristics of the property: location, special amenities and even type of transaction. Make descriptions as diverse and original as possible.

Luxury needs exquisite texts

The high-end profile of the company must also reflect in the quality of texts.  Give your texts the tone, the voice and the personality your luxury real estate business wishes to project. Recreate the lavishness and the exclusiveness of the properties through your words. This is a domain that favors creative and beautifully crafted texts.

SEO luxury real estate strategy has many areas that intersect with quality content creation. Reserving some time for the creation of useful, beautiful and strategic property descriptions can have a tremendous impact on your online business objectives.