Take advantage of your mobile friendly website 

After Google's latest update to its search results algorithm, which took place on April 21st, mobile-friendly websites are expected to clearly outrank websites which are still not usable on mobile devices. If you are still not convinced that your website should be optimized for mobile, you should know that, according to statistics, there’s been a 130% mobile search increase year over year, starting with 2010 and, currently, around 6-8 billion searches are performed on Google each month.

Moreover, surveys show that four out of five searches performed on mobile devices lead to a purchase, often within a few hours. You should consider one aspect: upgrading your website for mobiles could offer you a considerable advantage in front of all those competitors who still don’t have a mobile usable website, whereas, if they already fixed this issue and you didn’t, you may find yourself at a disadvantage. You would not like to be outranked by your competitors, miss all that valuable trafic and throw away those selling opportunities, would you?

Is my website usable on mobile devices? How can I fix this ?

To see if your website passes the mobile usability test, you can easily do a test here : https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

Then, it is equally important to verify your website’s crawlability and then check the Mobile Usability Report in Webmaster Tools to see if there are any pages with errors that you should consider remedying. In most cases, the text is not easily readable on all screen sizes, photos and multimedia content fail to display correctly on all devices.

Your website still does not have a responsive design, appropriate viewport meta tag for mobile pages, fonts that are easily readable on mobile, content sized to viewport, links and buttons easy to click and navigate with your finger ? You must do something about it NOW.

Note that the latest algorithm rollout will probably have a bigger impact than Panda or Penguin updates and if you haven’t done anything to optimize your website, you should expect to see negative results in the near future. If changes are being made to your website, this will reflect immediately on your rankings and trafic.

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