Being an online marketing and communication agency that addresses premium and quality brands, we know the value of our services. But we also know that traditionally premium brands have been at least cautious when it came to social media and digital marketing.

This very year, in May,  Markus Kramer, Aston Martin marketing director, pointed out in his speech at the Forrester Forum for Marketing Leaders, that luxury brands had to be careful when adopting digital marketing strategies, mainly because using new media implies “accessibility of information that you previously reserved for a select few people.”

While we completely agree to the fact that luxury online communication campaigns have to be thoroughly and minutely planned, we are also convinced that for luxury brands going digital is a must.

We believe premium brands need digital marketing mainly to:

1. Stay in control of their online presence

As the web is such a „democratic” medium, many different information related to premium products and services can be found on forums and in other virtual places.

To be able to control, as much as possible, their online presence, premium brands have to make their voice heard and convey their own, desired message.

2. Activate the mechanisms of desire and create global aspiration. The online is the ideal melting pot when it comes to creating global aspiration and gives the perfect opportunities to activate the mechanisms of desire.

Indeed, luxury products have always been exclusive. But what good digital marketing agencies can do for premium brands is making  the brand's promise accessible, while the achievement of brand's promise remains exclusive.

3. Create sophisticated, dream-like experiences, to be integrated in the overall communication strategy (together with in-store experiences, VIP events etc.)

The online is a great medium for creating successful luxury stories and interactive virtual experiences that address all senses.

4.  Meet their customers. The number of affluent individuals using social media networks is constantly increasing. And they shop online.

5.  Take care of their future. Social media is where young affluent individuals spend a lot of time. Stimulating their dreams, creating aspiration and brand loyalty among them is taking care of the luxury brand's future.

Adopting social media and digital marketing strategies doesn't have to be just a tactical move that luxury brands make in order to keep up with the present. Overall, online communication strategies for luxury brands mostly imply keeping the delicate balance between maximum reach and impact, and preservation of the luxury status.