Stunning aerial videos for commercial purposes: real estate aerial video, yachting video in the French Riviera

3mille, image and communication agency in the French Riviera, provides aerial footage services for real estate companies and other businesses in search of video presentations.

Why create an aerial video for luxury real estate?

Sometimes the beauty of a luxury real estate reveals itself the best when viewed in motion, from a high vantage point.

The value of many luxury properties lies not only within the villa and its distinctive interiors, but in their outdoors as well. There are properties with an exceptional location, landscaped gardens and other outdoors amenities that need to be presented in the best possible way.

Custom aerial videos in the French Riviera by 3mille

With aerial video, 3mille creates compelling presentations of properties and their exceptional outdoors.

In order to produce versatile real estate footage, 3mille is equipped with some of the newest technology for aerial videos: a certified urban drone of 4kg max weight, with parachute, DJI A2, flying both Sony Rx100ii and A7r depending on range. As high end properties with very demanding possible buyers, these villas and mansions are entitled to the best types of presentations. And aerial video tours are some of the most complete presentations a property can benefit from.

When operated by a professional image and video creator, with proven experience in working with drones, this technology brings out amazing views of a luxury villa. With their maximum visibility and their panoramic views, drones capture all important details and offer a complete picture of the property.

3mille, communication and image agency based in South of France, has an extensive experience in the production of aerial videos in the French Riviera. At 3mille, we do aerial footage for yachting events, corporate videos and real estate presentations. Above, you can check out some of our aerial videos from the South of France. You can see other productions of 3mille on the Youtube channel

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